Monday, August 20, 2012

It's Swell to Gell ...

I just received my Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate in the mail ... I was so excited ! It was like Santa had delivered it ! lol.
So I watched the videos, my beloved found me some scraps of Tyvek, and I went to town (for a few minutes ...but that's the beauty of it ... you can make a few prints even if you only have 10 minutes !! Love it !!)
I tried one with just 2 colours because I didn't really like the way the 3rd colour seemed to muddy it up a bit. I'm a bit of a colour purist ...haha ... I only like a few colours at a time. I used some Americana acrylics and Claudine Hellmuth Acrylics. I would really like to get some Golden OPEN Acrylics ... they seem to give such a beautiful transparent sort of colour when brayered. But I was pretty happy with what I had for a first try. I used the tyvek donuts, bubble wrap, and punchinello. (love punchinello !! Waste product, my eye !!)) So here are the results !!

 I love how the residual paint shows up on the next one ... yes, that's right, I did not clean it every time. I like the hints of orange in the green ... Can't wait to do more !!!

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