Monday, July 23, 2012

Endless possibilities ... can't you just imagine ? Well, that's what you would have to be doing (as am I ). I talk of endless possibilities and then don't post for weeks !! Time has been gobbled up with lots of work, dumpster feeding ( another term for big clean out !!) , trying to stay cool, and a million and one things. I did spend time in the studio but it was to make kits for work so it wasn't overly exciting (maybe I shouldn't admit that ...hmmm) . But HOLD ON !! I did make something I love ... let me go get it ...
Earrings !!
(oh, and a lemon buttermilk cake with glaze & lemon scented sugar sprinkled on top ... that was none too shabby ... LOL !!)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Blog !!

New Blog ! Like a fresh new scribbler in school ... so exciting, so filled with endless possibilities ! I started blogging several years ago and had/have a blog called "Up to My Ass in Life" . I wanted to be at least that deep ... exploring every minute. I had a bunch of friends and we were having a ball. But I was really in denial of my "inner introvert" !! After a while, I really didn't want to be embarking on actual adventures, outings, and group activities. I realized my "happy place" is at home with my partner-in-crime (aka husband) , my cats, myself, and all the things I love doing there & with them. I feel that my life is FULL even if I don't leave the house for days. I practically purr with contentment. (Too much time with the cats ??!) I think that when you find your true groove, the possibilities are endless !! So this blog embraces my introverted nature and celebrates the endless possibilities every day. I wake up knowing that those possibilities are out there - and I am going to find them !! :)