Friday, March 22, 2013

My latest Obsession ...

Peat pots. Perfection really. Wonderful little inexpensive , rugged vessels. Just waiting for ... something ... anything .

Here's how to make them ... super simple !!
 * Apply paint to peat pots ... do it with happy abandon ... I listened to Serena Ryder & just slapped it on. Sometimes I painted the whole pot, sometimes I left the rim, and some were solid and some just a light brush-over coat.
* Gather free printable images & stamps. Print and stamp on tissue paper. Make sure you use a laser printer and an ink like Stazon.
* Tear the images out and apply with Mod Podge.
* Fill with lovely crinkly strands ... I saved mine from a Hickory Farm gift box (ha ! I knew I would use it someday ...) and then find some quail eggs ... lol ... or any tiny eggs real or chocolate !
A fast fun project !!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Inky Hands = A Great Day !!

I love a day when I end up with different coloured hands ! Inkiness = Happiness.
Today was Spray Day for leaves ... I have literally 1000s of these leaves .... I bought all the warehouse had left. They take ink so beautifully and work really well as embellishments on almost any kind of project. Today I rolled down my sleeves and started spraying !!

Beautiful over spray papers !!!