Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday ... a day of rest ... oh?

I have been feeling badly lately that I haven't posted anything on this blog. I have been meaning to make things, do videos, try products, ... hmmm ... it doesn't seem to happen. So yesterday, after starting to beat myself up a bit about it , I took a good look at my day ...
* woke up early & came to work to fill the pellet stove ( it's my sole source of heat these days)
* off to MacDonalds for a quick cup of oatmeal - going to need fuel !
* back to work ... organized my bills, caught up on email, worked on a supplies order, counted & bagged 300 bags of beads
* off to grocery shop
* home & made a late lunch
* unloaded dishwasher
* did more dishes
* cleaned out the fridge ... eww.
* cleaned up my studio
* did an inventory of bulk stamps for future kits
* inventoried supplies for upcoming kits & projects
* designed three cards for this week's card kit
* cut, scored, folded, almost all the materials for this week's kit
* made a roast pork dinner
* gathered laundry
* ate dinner at 8pm (finally)
* back to the store to refill the pellet stove & find some more supplies for the kits
* back home
* finished cutting all the supplies for the kits
* loaded the dishwasher and washed more dishes by hand
* cleaned up the kitchen and packed away the leftovers
* baked brownies
* read & watched a little tv to bed at 1am
And I work the other six days of the week ... so that might explain it. ;)

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